Adventure strikes, by Tristan Jacobs

Lights up.
A girl, dressed in fantasy garb, with pointy ears. Walking.

EKK:        You are in a tavern. (beat) So they say. It’s where all good adventures start.

And every good adventure has good adventurers. If you’ve ever wondered what one of these looks like, look no further.
My name is Ekk. I’m a half-orc wizard.

(Laughter off-stage)

Sure. Someone like me, magical? It’s not normal.
That guy over there – probably thinks I’m just some sort of ferocious oaf. Bloodthirsty orc. All I do is pillage and plunder.
That merchant on that side of the street – wouldn’t give me the time of day.

“Greetings and well-met merchant”, I’d say.
“We don’t have anything for you here”, he’d reply, from behind a table of paraphernalia. I can see it on his face. If he even bothers to listen to my words. See, my mum was an Orc. Spoke Orcish. Everybody thinks I speak it too, so nobody listens.
My mum was a beautiful lady. Strong as five human men she was. But my father… he was the one human that overpowered her heart. Or so he said.
Didn’t know much about my mom once I turned five.
But I do remember the touch of her skin, and the feeling of her muscular hands.


My father, a wizard himself, taught me magic so that I can be my own adventurer. And as soon as I have assembled my party, I will find my mother.

(A shadowy figure appears. Mostly silhouetted from view)

I’ll ask that woman over there. She looks like an adventurer. Strong stature, large bow and quiver, fine woodland clothing. I bet she’s an elf.
“Greetings and well-met traveller. I’m looking for adventurers to join my party”


Hello? Excuse me? Would you like to join…

(The figure turns away out of sight)(Another silhouette appears on the other side of the stage)

Maybe that man there. Might be a paladin or some sort of warrior, by the look of him. His armour shines against his scaled dragon-born skin. I hear they can breath fire like real dragons. Wow, he’s real tall close up.
“Greetings and well-met brave warrior. I am…

(The figure turns away out of sight)

The sound of his armour clangs against the cobbled stone street as he walks away. Alas.

(A third figure appears. Smaller than the other two. Quite small)

Beggars can’t be choosers. I bet that gnome creature is probably a deadly assassin. Killed hundreds of enemies with his stealthy, twin daggers I bet.

“Greetings and well-met…”

TEACHER:      Miss Osswald. What are you doing?

(Lights up in a classroom. Two other children and a short teacher in the room with the girl)

Why are you dressed like, never mind. Please sit down. And stop disturbing your class-mates.

EKK:                I was just…  (beat) I am Ekk.

TEACHER:      Thank you Miss Osswald. Please sit down.

(She does so. Silence)

BOY:               Psst. I’ll play. Sounds like fun.

GIRL:              Me too. As long as I get to be the elf.

EKK:                Y-yeah.

BOY:               Meet at lunch?

TEACHER:      Pay attention!

EKK:                (whisper) My name is Ekk, half-orc wizard. Will you join my party of



Tristan holds a Masters degree in Drama, specialising in Contemporary Performance. He has been the artistic director of Masidlale Productions since 2009 and currently works full-time as a lecturer for AFDA in Johannesburg. He has previously worked for the National English Literary Museum as an archivist for Drama manuscripts and has facilitated drama workshops at festivals around South Africa, France and Poland. A handful of his written plays have been published, and more of them staged locally. His research has been published in the South African Theatre Journal, Interartive and Intellect journals and has been presented in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Grahamstown, Bloemfontein, Kobe, Toulouse, Malmo and Helsinki. Since August 2017 he produces and edits a weekly podcast that involves an all-female cast playing Dungeons & Dragons in an improvised storytelling fashion.