Princess Rescue, Joe Brennan

Scene 1

Father : Tommy : your friends are here.
Tommy : Coming Dad.
Friends. Happy Birthday Tommy.
Billy : You’re space outfit looks cool.
Tommy : You all look great too.
Father : Doorbell
Now who could that me?
Tommy : Mum!
Voice : Delivery for Tommy Delaney.
Friends : Look at the size of it.
Billy : Maybe your mum is hiding inside.
Karen : What do you think it is Tommy ?
Tommy : No idea.
Father : I’ve no idea either.
Chorus : ripping
What is that?
Karen : It’s a see through cube.
Tommy : It’s just really lame, just like mum.
Storms off

Scene 2

Father : It’s your party.
Tommy : I don’t care.
Father : Mum will explain later.
Tommy : She won’t get here Dad as usual, it’s ruined.
Father : It’s not ruined unless you decide to ruin it.
Tommy : I’m not ruining it. I’m here.
Father : And so are you friends. Come on, let’s have fun.

Scene 3

Tommy : What’s Billy doing in there?
Karen : It’s an inter-dimensional prison.
Tommy : Cool. What did he do wrong?
Karen : He was trying to kidnap Princess Kuomo.

Scene 4

Father : Cake everyone.
Karen : Cool Cake. Look the candles look like rockets.
Dad I wasn’t sure all ten were going to fit.
Chorus Happy slowing Bir –th- day slower t-o yo-u.
Tom-my a mess-age to you.
Tommy : You sound like broken robots.
Voice of Mother : I need you
to come to me.
Please come as fast as you can.
Tommy : The candles are shimmering. I’m seeing strange people and places. I must be hallucinating.
Voice of Mother : You are not hallucinating Tommy. You’re travelling back in time, before you were born. Pay attention to everything you see. You will see a small piece of glass that you must pick up.
Tommy : I see Dad.
Voice of Mother It’s not Dad.
Tommy : He just transformed into someone else.
Voice of Mother :  Remember this Tommy. Rescue me. I love you Tommy.
Tommy : Dad did you hear that?
Dad? Karen? Billy?
Wake up.
Mum needs me.

The box thing.

Scene 5

Villain : At last Tommy.
Tommy : Who are you?
Villain : Emperor Assiet.
Mother : Tommy.
Tommy : Mum?
Villain : Known to us as Princess Kuomo. A Princess from another dimension, an alien, hiding on earth, pretending to be your mother.
Tommy : Let my mother go or I’ll…..
Villain : Quiet.
You have something that I need buried in your mind. With it I will be able to destroy the Kingdom of Uzurt and be Emperor of the 7th Dimension.
Mother : You can’t. It’s completely hidden.
Villain : Silence her.
Oh Princess but a little birdie told me where to find it.
Tommy : Dad!
Villain : He’s helping us.
Tommy : Did you know Mum is an alien Princess?
Father : No.
Tommy : Mum doesn’t want us to help.
Father : Mummy is confused from being on earth. She even missed your birthday, again.
Tommy : She told me to help when you were singing Happy Birthday.
Father : The help mummy needs is to let her come home, be with her family.
Tommy : Will it hurt?
Father : You can trust the Emperor.
Tommy : Laser blast
But I don’t trust you.
Villain : Don’t take another step Tommy : or she dies. Now drop the weapon.
Guards put him in the chair.
Tommy : Is this going to kill me?
Villain : Probably. If not, I will.
Tommy : Over my dead body Assiet.
Sound of explosions.
Villain : How can this be?
Tommy : You gave me the answer. My memory.

Scene 6

Chorus : Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Tommy , Happy birthday to you.
Mum : Happy Birthday Tommy.
Chorus : Cool trick Mrs. Delaney.
Billy : I told you your mum was hiding inside.

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Joe Brennan

Joe Brennan is an Irish children’s playwright/storyteller/theatre maker/performer and facilitator. He has written a number of plays including The Within’ Well and Stone Soup; Whispering Waves, a theatrical storytelling show; created and performed Star Boy, a theatre performance without words,. Star Boy has featured in many venues and festivals including at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC as part of the Euro Kids Festival.

He was awarded a bursary by the Arts Council of Ireland in 2014 to develop his work for young audiences.

Joe has shared his stories with audiences of all ages throughout Ireland. He has featured in many festivals including Ghosts in the Glens Storytelling Festival, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Earagail Arts Festival, Donegal Bay and Bluestacks Festival, Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival; Loug Gur Storytelling Festival; Mohill Storytelling Festival; ‘Stories from the Hearth’ Festival, Wexford; Sperrins Storytelling Festival; Ulster Storytelling Festival, Cultra; Wainsfest and Bealtaine.

He has also told stories in schools, festivals and libraries in countries as diverse as Iceland, Norway, USA, India, Egypt, Romania, Austria, Belgium and England. He has also facilitated workshops in schools in these countries.

He is the author of Donegal Folk Tales, a retelling of some of the rich tales to be found in Donegal. It was selected as the book for Read DL 2015, the ‘One Book, One Community’ initiative for the county.

He is the director of Ramelton Storytelling Festival.