Ten clouds for Timmy, by Simona Nyitraová

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Summary :

My short play “Ten clouds for Timmy” is about a little girl, who is learning the numbers with help from her dad. She has involuntarily hurt Timmy, so her dad is also trying to explain the importance of saying sorry. Later, when they come home and meet mum and Timmy, she finally learns to count to ten and to say sorry.

A small little girl is walking the sidewalk with her dad. She is counting clouds in the sky.

GIRL:     One … two … three … four … five … six …. Hmmm … eight ….hmm … eight clouds…
DAD:     Seven … eight …
GIRL:     Seven … eight … hmmm …(she does not know more numbers, so she starts again with those she knows) One … two … three…

Dad smiles.

DAD:     What are we going to say to mama?
GIRL:     Four … five …
DAD:     Are you going to apologize for what you did to Timmy? And will you be a good girl again?
GIRL:     I will apologize. To Timmy. But I won’t be good yet. I don’t want to.
DAD:     Oh, darling, but you should be.
GIRL:     Why?
DAD:     Because … when you are good we can see you love us.
GIRL:     I love you and mama, daddy. And Timmy.
DAD:     I know.
GIRL:     Daddy? Why are there clouds in the sky?
DAD:     They are from water that evaporates from the ground when it is hot.
GIRL:     Mama says clouds are little beds for little angels. So they sleep in water?
DAD:     No. Well … maybe yes.
GIRL:     There must be a lot of water in heaven.
DAD:     Ah…
GIRL:     Mama says I am a little angel too.
DAD:     You really are our little angel.
GIRL:     So we are all in heaven?
DAD:     No, you are our little angel here, on earth. But only when you are nice to Timmy.
GIRL:     I didn’t want to hurt him. It was him. He was right in my way.
DAD:     Darling, he was sleeping.
GIRL:     Hmmm…
DAD:     Come on, let’s count the clouds together.
DAD + GIRL: One … two … three … four … five … six … seven … eight … nine … ten!
GIRL:     Ten, ten, ten!

They are both laughing and therefore not noticing they have approached their house. Mum opens the door and then closes them again.

MUM:  Finally, you two.
GIRL:     Mama, there are ten clouds in the sky!
MUM:  Really? I have never had time to count them.
GIRL:     Why?
MUM:  I don’t know. But I regret it very much.
GIRL:     Don’t worry, mama. I know how many clouds are there.
MUM:  My little angel.

They hug.

GIRL:     But where is Timmy?
DAD:     We will let you be with him, but you have to promise not to hurt him again.
GIRL:     I didn’t want to … (she starts crying)
MUM:  I know, but he is different from us and you have to be extra careful.
GIRL:     Why?
MUM:  He is small and he doesn’t understand when you are saying something to him.
GIRL:     That’s not true. He understands me. (She is crying even more, because it feels like the parents do not understand her.)
DAD:     Yes, little angel, in some way he does.
GIRL:     So may I see him now?
MUM:  I think … you may.

Mum opens the door and a little dachshund with a bandaged paw comes outside. He is very happy to see the girl and starts barking. She hugs him, while the parents are standing nearby.

GIRL:     Timmy! I am so sorry, Timmy!

Dog starts licking the little girl. Parents laugh.

GIRL:     He is kissing me, mama!
MUM:  I see.
GIRL:     I will kiss you too, Timmy. One (she kisses the dog) … two (again and then again) … three … four… five… six … seven …

Parents count with her.

GIRL+MUM+DAD:          Eight … nine… ten.

The end.

Artistic carreer

I am a theatre director in Czeck Republic graduated from Janáček’s Academy of Performing Arts in Brno in 2011. I work also as a translator from English language, a writer and a drama therapist. I have directed a wide range of stories for children and also with children and young people, e.g. Peter Pan by James Matthew Barrie, Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay, Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle. I am writing my own original fairy tale for Czech Radio, which will be aired this year.