The Cherry Tree and the Boy, by Daniela Mișcov

(Translation after Cireșul și băiatul)

It’s -18 degrees C. The cherry tree, C,  is covered in snow. At the bottom there is a snowdrop, G. The boy, B, is 5 and looks out of the window. Today he isn’t allowed out as it is too frosty. He talks to the tree.

B- How are you, what’s it like over there?

T- It’s cold, but the sun is rising.

B- I can see it. I so much would like to get out and play. And make a snowman.

T- Just imagine that I am your snowman. I can see everything from above.

B- What do you see?

T- I see cars stuck on the road.

B- Stuck?

T-Yes, their engine has frozen. Humans make me laugh with their ambition to struggle the weather.

B-But  what else to do?

T-To walk, to enjoy moving. I can’t move.

B- I have never thought about that. Come on, what else do you see?

T- I can see the sun coming out of the clouds.

B-  It warms and blinds me.Snow looks like diamonds. What else do you see?

T- To the south,  I can see the garbage bins covered in snow and a family with a trolley bag searching inside them.

B-What are they looking for?

T-Food I guess. I would be happy if they found anything. They look sad.

B-I am going to save something of my breakfast for them.

T-What do you have?

B- Yellow cheese, bread with seeds, boiled eggs. And oranges. I am going to save the oranges for them. What do you eat?


B- Only water? Fantastic. Hey, a dog is coming up. How big it is!

T- I know it. It’s Dog, 12 years old.  Really old. How old are you?

B- 5, I go to kindergarten. You?

T-I am 60 and make cherries.

B-How do you make cherries?

T-Patiently. I wait, look and love. The more I love, the sweeter are my cherries.  What are you doing?

B- Playing. Just got an acuarelle set and I am going to paint. I’ll paint you, agree?

T- Yes, but please don’t paint the threads around me.

B-What threads?

T- The thick ones are internet cables, below there are the clothes lines. Those your mum uses to hang clothes to dry.

B- I wish you didn’t have threads around you.

T-I am satisfied that they haven’t cut me off.

B-They will never cut you off.

T-Nice of you.

The boy is painting. During this time, the cherry tree talks to the snowdrop.

G-How long it’s left?

T-Just a little. Hang on there, today it’s frosty. It’s -18 C.

G-  But how much long should I wait? Today it is my time, 1st of March. Spring amulet day.

T-No, spring is coming tomorrow. Would you like to listen to some music?

G- Music? Where from ?

T- Inside my trunk there are locked all the songs of the birds. Which kind of music would you like to listen to?

G- Do you have any jazz?

T- Yes, I do, a whole album in fact, made by my friend, Ciock the woodpecker.

Slowly the music starts to pour, while the two mark the rhythm swaying to and fro. The boy notices the moves and starts to paint waving lines. Two crows approach and start crow-talk.

Ci1-Sounds really nice.

Ci2- Not at all, I sing better music.

The snowdrop and the boy burst into laughter. The boy can’t hear the laughter of the tree, but feels it inside like a tickle. He smiles towards it. He points to  the sun that climbs up  in the sky, covering the snow with a golden blanket. The tree smiles back.

Daniela Mișcov, Bucharest, Romania

After four years of teaching during Ceausescu’s regime, in 1990 Daniela Mișcov decided to begin a new career in theatre. Since 2012, she has become a freelance cultural manager devising experimental art and theatre projects for children with her association, Artelier D, Proiecte pentru copii.

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