The Missing Colour… by Aimilia Emmanouil

Starting point 1

My name is Aimilia. A is for Anywhere, I is for Iris Band, m is for magenta color.

MAN: Welcome to the town of Anywhere. What is your name?

ALINE: Aline. I won a “Magic Trip lottery” ticket. They told me I could come to Anywhere, anytime, and do anything I wanted.

MAN: What do you wish then?

ALINE: Well, I would like to see my favorite music band: Iris.

MAN: We are teleporting you right now. Enjoy!

ALINE: Oh!!!…Oopss! That is amazing! I am already in Iris’ studio!..Hello! I am Aline. You must be the singer of Iris.

HECTOR: Exactly Aline. I am Hector. This is our new CD: “Magenta”, the 8th colour of the rainbow.

ALINE : But there are only seven colours of the rainbow.

HECTOR: How do you know?

ALINE: I was told so… In school, everybody knows that!

HECTOR: You will never see magenta on a rainbow. Now, turn the CD over and count the colours you see on its surface.

ALINE: One, two three…there are eight!

HECTOR: Exactly, magenta is the missing colour. When you watch the sky you see only six or seven colours. But music makes you see more than what you can see in reality…music is magic. You discover new worlds. You dream of things you cannot still feel with your senses. Things that are in your imagination, but they are as real as those you can see and smell and touch.

ALINE: I do not understand…

HECTOR: Do you see that carousel in the corner? Go there, pick a horse and ride it!

ALINE: Ok… I prefer the white one!

The magenta music from the cd started to sound. The carousel is spinning, in a while the horse takes off.

HECTOR: Music gives you wings, makes you jump. You go higher, you explore new worlds, you feel that you can reach everything! Music makes you happy, gives you power!

What do you see, from up there, Aline?

ALINE: I see a theatre, lots of lights!

HECTOR: What do you see on stage?

ALINE: A beautiful ballerina. She is as light as a feather. She is dancing like a butterfly. Now she finishes her dance and everybody is applauding her. I see nice magenta flowers filling the stage and the stage is like a meadow. The ballerina takes a bow and leaves the stage…

What does all this mean? What is this?

HECTOR: It is your dream Aline, and it is as real as you believe it…

Aimilia Emmanouil is member of the Greek Playwrights Society. She writes plays for children that have as a core element the political and ethical values of democracies. She collaborates with greek publishing houses and with the Museum of Greek Children’s Art.