The rules of the game 2016

A Day for a Play #3

An international TYA playwriting game launched by ASSITEJ France in conjunction with the ASSITEJ World day of theater for children 2014

The rules of the game

 In a spirit of curiosity, openmindness and promotion of contemporary playwriting for children and teenagers, ASSITEJ France is launching the third version of its instant playwriting game, open to all the playwrights around the world, in conjunction with the ASSITEJ 2016 world theatre day for. Each script written according to the rules of the game will be published on the dedicated ASSITEJ France website, for a year.

After 2 editions with Karin Serres, who invented this game, we are very pleased to welcome the playwright Catherine Verlaguet, author, whom gracefully accepted to endorse the responsability of proposing a subject and editing the rules.

Enjoy your play !

Purpose of the game : To write a very short play for children and/or teenagers about the topic « THE OTHER » in your own personal style and first language, following the rules below and including the elements given by the rolling die.

Equipment  needed :

  • a standard 6-sided dice (or sketch attached, to cut and glue)
  • whatever you need to write
  • a watch, a clock, to meet the deadline.

Rules of the game :

You have 24 hours after receiving this to write in your own personal style, your own very short script, inspired by the theme and by the elements you will get by rolling the dice. Apart from this, you are free to write as you wish, using any style, number of characters, locations…etc. Don’t forget to give your own title to your script. This short script must be aimed toward young audiences (small kids, children or teenagers).

Length of the play : 500 to 700 words.

Duration of Game : 24 hours maximum after receiving the rules of the game.

Address where to send your short script :

And more : Please attach to this e-mail your short french or english biography (a maximum of 500 characters). If your mother language is not french, please attach also a short english summary of your play or its french translation (and a short bio of the translator).

Typographical conventions : only .rtf and .doc texts are allowed. NO .PDF !!!

Re. the layout, please follow this model :


Potential didascalie or stage indication

NAME OF THE CHARACTER : dialog… etc.

Course of the game :

Roll the die five times and write down each result and each corresponding element.

First result : who is your young hero ?

1 : a girl
2 : a boy
3 : a particular being
4 : an ancestor
5 : a natural element
6 : an animal

A word to use

1 : Cap
2 : Sunflower
3 : Mathematic
4 : Sugar
5 : Heaven
6 : Earth

An action to use:

1 : a kiss
2 : a slap
3 : a hug
4 : a cascade
5 : Teleportation
6 : to break something

The style :

1 : Realistic
2 : fantastic
3 : Science fiction
4 : Poetry
5 : Musical
6 : Suspens / Investigation

The range of ages :

1 : 4/6 years of age
2 : 6/8 years of age
3 : 8/10 years of age
4 : 10/12 years of age
5 : 12/14 years of age
6 : 15+ years of age

Enjoy your playwriting !

Please: Please preserve the secrecy about the rules of this game, after having played, the pleasure of being surprised is an integral dimension of this game.

Please send us a portrait of yourself, or of an object / place / character you would like to share with THE OTHERS

And let’s meet on March, 20th, 2016, as the ASSITEJ world theatre day for children, to discover your script amongst all the ones published on the Assitej France website :

PS : If you don’t have a die at home :

Print this page, cut out the shape of the paper die below, fold all its edges and glue the coloured flaps inside to build it.