This Is Not Our World, by Erfan Khatibzadeh

The Results (Dice rolling):

  • A girl 7 years
  • In a moment frozen in time
  • It’s mumbled by someone she knows
  • An invisible living being
  • A feather
  • Into the snow or home
  • A door to another world


  • Girl 7 years
  • Voice (voice-mumble of God)
  • Some fishes, Seaweed, Sea Creatures.

A short script in one act:

(A boat is shaking on the ocean and a lot of refugees are there. Suddenly, they are thrown into the water, including a small girl, time is not the time now, a girl could understand what has happened, she is under the water, she is just watching without any movements, time has been frozen, now she is hearing a voice-mumble…)

Voice: hi, do you know who am I?

Girl: no, who are you? Where am I? Where is my father?

Voice: do not be a worry. I am your friend. Your father joins us a bit later.

Girl: so, why I can’t see you, here is little dark. Display yourself.

Voice: I am invisible.

Girl: why?

Voice: because I am not beautiful as much as you.

Girl: oh, that’s why all of my friends told me I am so pretty.

Voice: yes, exactly. Let me I show a bit of me.

(Shine of the sun changes the color of the water, several colorful fishes are dancing and singing, some seaweeds sends Hi to girl, she plays to them….).

Girl: hey, here is so funny, wow, they are so beautiful, always I wanted to touch these fishes, oh, I never thought that underwater is cool. Are you head of here?

Voice: at this moment, you are.

Girl: so it’s wonderful. Please call to my father to come here. You know, I wish I could see my mother, I have not seen her because my father tells me she has gone to trip.

Voice: now, you have come back to your home. You were on the trip.

Girl: really? So why so far I was not here?

Voice: because I was cleaning your home and besides, the fishes were practicing to dance for you.

Girl: So, why there are not humans here? Only, they are sea animals?

Voice: of course there are humans here, but they are different from the humans that you have had seen so far.

Girl: what do you mean?

Voice: my lovely girl, I will show you a surprise.

Girl: do you tell the truth me?

Voice: yes, you are going to a palace beside to a special person. Well, guess who is this person?

Girl: palace! Awesome! Chocolate palace I like. I think the person should be; Barbi or sponge Bob or Tom &Jerry.

Voice: no my buddy. She is your mother.

Girl: oh… my mother? I’m willing to see her finally.

God: Silence!

(The girl goes to the depths of the ocean, forward to chocolate palace, a feather comes on the ocean).


Short Bio:

Erfan Khatibzadeh, Damghan, Iran 1993. Student of Theater at the University of Tehran.
He is theater researcher. He had honored from: Austria, India, Italy, U.k, edition 2016 of ASSITEJ France and so on.