[Y]our song

Spotlight. Two characters (A and B) appear around the spot and seem to be struggling over who should step into the spot. B pushes A into the spot. Awkward silence as A tries to figure out what to do or say.

Opening song [spoken or sung]

Once upon a time, there was a story.

A story?

Yes, a story!

I love stories!

I tell stories!

Please tell me a story.

A story?

Yes, a story.

I know a short story.

About what?

A particular bird that wanted to sing but didn’t have a song.

Oh, please tell me the story.

Well then, are you ready to hear the story?

Of course.

And so, like all stories, we must start at the beginning.

I love beginnings!

And how do we begin a story?

Once upon a time…


A jumps out of the spot and pushes B in.

B:            Loooong, looong, loong, long, long not-so-very-particular time ago… in a not-so-very-particular far, faar, faaar away land, a not-so-very-particular place.
A:            But…
B:            But what?
A:            I have heard some rumours, many people say it was a universe or a galaxy.
B:            Ya, but then others say it was a kingdom. You wanna know what I think? I think it was probably a nest or something small like that, which, to me, sounds believable you know…

A shrugs.

B:            I don’t know, but a galaxy just sounds too big for this small story.
A:            Well, it’s so long ago, so no one can be sure.
B:            Right! Yes, anyway, in this not-so-very-particular place, at a not-so-very-particular time, lived a very particular being. Yes, a very particular being.
A:            And what was this particular being?
B:            Hmm, come to think of it no one really knows what this particular being was, do you?
A:            No, but I’m guessing it’s actually not-so-very-particular as well.
B:            But if we are in a nest, then it should be a bird, right?
A:            Ok, let’s go with that. Hmm, what kind of a bird is it then?
B:            Hmm, must it be a particular kind?
A:            Have met an un-particular kind of bird?
B:            Then this will be a particular kind of bird.
A:            What particular kind?
B:            I said just a particular bird!
A:            Ok…ay.
B:            Is that all?
A:            Yup.
B:            Good. What we do know in particular is that in this not-so-very-particular place, at a not-so-very-particular time, lived a very particular bird, which, technically according to my friend makes it a not-so-very-particular bird but… but… but… this not-so-very-particular bird loved to do something particular… to sing. But there was one small, tiny little problem… the not-so-very-particular bird didn’t know how to sing.

 B jumps out of the spot and pushes A in.

B:            Sing.
A:           Sing what?
B:            I don’t know, anything.


A:            Strumming my pain with his fingers (hummed)
Singing my life with his words (hummed)
Killing me softly with his song (sang)
Killing me softly with his song (sang)
Telling my whole life with his words (hummed)
Killing me softly with his song (sang)

B:            And boy, every time the not-so-very-particular bird opened its mouth we were killed, a slow excruciating painful death!
A:           Can I try again?
B:            No, no, no. Wait, no what I meant is if you don’t want to strain your throat we will understand.
A:           My throat is fine.
B:            Ok, I see.
A:           Can I try again then?
B:            Yes, but maybe try your song.
A:           I don’t have a song.
B:            You don’t?
A:           Yes.
B:            OH.


B:            How old are you?
A:           7.
B:            Do you go to school?
A:           Yes.
B:            What did they teach you at school?
A:           How to write my name.
B:            Can you write your name?
A:           Yes.
B:            That’s good. What else did they teach you?
A:           How to count to 10.
B:            And do you know how to count to 10?
A:           Yes.
B:            So you like maths?
A:           Yes.
B:            Would you like count to 10 for us?
A:           OK.

A sings the count [musical direction needed].

B:            Wow, that was beautiful! How did you learn how to sing the numbers like that?
A:           My teacher taught us.
B:            Would you like to sing for us again?
A:           Yes.

A sings again.

B:            (To audience) Would you like to join the not-so-very-particular bird?
All:         Yes!
B:            Ok, take it away.

A leads the ensemble.

B:            In the end, the not-so-very-particular bird found his song, and sang it proud and wide around all corners of the nest to delight many with his beautiful music. And so it was that we all have our own song, now my friends, go and find your own song!



The end!